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BMW is a car company originating from Germany in the top 8 most famous car brands. The brand attracts consumers by its luxury, sporty design as well as great performance.

The company’s revenue in 2018 reached 41,525 million euros, and the number of employees reached 104,342 employees. Also in 2018, BMW distributed to the market about 928,151 BMW cars, 176,465 Mini cars, and finally 300 Rolls-Royce cars and 92,962 motorbikes.

Since its establishment, BMW’s German car has had a lot of changes in its logo, but no matter how it changes, it still retains the tradition with the main blue and white background and propeller design.

Is a car company originating from Germany, specializing in the production and distribution of luxury cars under the Audi brand. This company is a member of the largest automotive group in the world.
Audi is currently headquartered in Ingolstadt, Germany and is the son of the leading group in the automotive field – Volkswagen AG. Volkswagen Group has officially reused the Audi name after Audi joined hands as a member of the episode. And certainly it will not be strange if Audi AG is the name in the top 8 most famous car manufacturers today.

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