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With the desire to realize that goal and vision, we always uphold the value of:
Bring satisfaction to customers, Always create products and services with the best quality
ACR Automotive Repairs LLC is always a friendly, creative, humane working environment and each individual is facilitated for capacity development.
Contributing to the development of Society

We always strive and strive to build trust with our customers by the quality of our products and services. ACR Automotive Repairs LLC builds and develops sustainable businesses, actively contributing to building a developed and international society. With the right business and investment strategy, we are proud to be one of the best dealers, meeting 3S standards: Sales – Service – Spare parts.

Complying with strict international standards, investing in the most modern equipment and a team of dedicated and highly trained staff and technicians. We are committed to bringing customers satisfaction in product quality and professional after-sales service.

Volkswagen is a car company of German origin, it is one of the largest car manufacturing companies in the world owned by the Volkswagen Group. Its main market segments are Europe, and China. Volkswagen’s famous car line is now Audi cars, Bentley cars, Skoda cars, Lamborghini cars, Bugatti cars, SEAT cars, Porsche cars and Volkswagen cars .

Ford Motor is the next famous car company mentioned in this list. It is one of the world’s leading automakers with its headquarters located in Dearborn, Michigan, in the suburbs of Detroit. The company distributes cars under the Ford brand name, while luxury cars take the Lincoln brand.

Fors applies methods of producing cars on a large scale with a large number of industrial workers through sophisticated, modern production processes.

The company’s business strategy is clearly reflected in the One Ford plan, which aims to expand the market and become a major global distributor.


BMW is a car company originating from Germany in the top 8 most famous car brands. The brand attracts consumers by its luxury, sporty design as well as great performance.

The company’s revenue in 2018 reached 41,525 million euros, and the number of employees reached 104,342 employees. Also in 2018, BMW distributed to the market about 928,151 BMW cars, 176,465 Mini cars, and finally 300 Rolls-Royce cars and 92,962 motorbikes.

Since its establishment, BMW’s German car has had a lot of changes in its logo, but no matter how it changes, it still retains the tradition with the main blue and white background and propeller design.

Mercedes-Benz is the next name mentioned in the list of the top 8 most famous car manufacturers. It is one of the world’s most prestigious automakers with a long history.

Initially, the car company was owned by Daimler-Benz. Currently the company belongs to Daimler AG, not only that, Mercedes – Benz is also a leader in introducing safety technologies and innovations to today’s cars.

Is a car company originating from Germany, specializing in the production and distribution of luxury cars under the Audi brand. This company is a member of the largest automotive group in the world.
Audi is currently headquartered in Ingolstadt, Germany and is the son of the leading group in the automotive field – Volkswagen AG. Volkswagen Group has officially reused the Audi name after Audi joined hands as a member of the episode. And certainly it will not be strange if Audi AG is the name in the top 8 most famous car manufacturers today.

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